The Northeastern Regional Conference was sponsored by ten chapters of UVA: UV Berkshires, Boston, Brooklyn, Bronx, Cape Cod, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Rochester, Syracuse, and Westchester. These ten chapters also bought His Excellency Bp. Rifan a new pontifical ring which was presented to him by Fr. Santos at vespers on Friday.

The conference weekend was a truly a blessed experience for all who attended. The speakers gave insightful and inspiring talks, and all of the liturgies were incredibly beautiful, including the pontifical High Mass, which was celebrated from the throne with the permission of Bishop Tobin of Providence. The weekend would not have been possible without the kind permission of Father Santos of Holy Name of Jesus Church, who opened his church and school for the events. A special "thank you" is extended with much affection to Allen Maynard, host of the conference and president of UV RI and also to his wife Wendy and her crew who did a wonderful job of providing food for the attendees.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Friday: UVA Leaders' Meeting and Pontifical Vespers

Many UVA chapter officers and board members attended the Providence Conference, which was very heartening and allowed for much useful discussion: Bill Basile (UV Rochester, Director); Marie Boland (UV Albany); Nathan Collins (UV Michigan); Joe Gallante (UV Cape Cod); Warren Goddard (UV New Hampshire); Fred Haehnel (UV St. Louis, MO; Director; Treasurer UVA; Treasurer FIUV); Dan Marengo (UV Bronx); Allen Maynard (UV Rhode Island; Director); Brian Mershon (UV Greenville SC); Elizabeth Murphy (UV Newfoundland); Christine and Sandy Philp (UV Berkshires); Christine Quagan (UV Boston); Byron Smith (UV Syracuse, Director); Indira Sweeny (UV Brooklyn; Director); and Ann and Peter Whelan (UV Westchester). Photo (L-R): Eva Sturchio, Marie Boland, Dave Pietrusza, Brian Mershon, Peter Whelan.

In addition, Mary Kraychy, Director of the Coalition in Support of Ecclesia Dei was present, as were representatives from other chapters: Eva Sturchio from UV NJ, Dave Pietrusza from UV Albany, Patrick Flansburg from UV Rochester; Fr. Bishop representing Californian chapters, and Fr. Gary Carr representing newly-formed UV New Mexico. Photo (L-R): Patrick Flansburg, Fra Freddy, Fred Haehnel, Byron Smith, Bill Basile

Of course, the guest of honor for the Friday meeting was newly-elected FIUV president, Fra Freddy Crichton-Stuart.

UVA leaders discussed the current situation in UVA and FIUV, and board members gave short presentations on the financial situation of UVA, the recent General Assembly in Rome, and the current status of membership in the organization. Fra Freddy presented information from the European side and supported the idea of an announcement coming sometime soon from the Vatican regarding the TL Mass.

Chapter leaders gave individual presentations on topics of general interest - e.g. "How to promote an event on a small budget," "Forming a chant schola," etc. These presentations will become part of a larger project of developing a CD-ROM for new chapters with articles on relevant topics and examples of materials used to promote the Mass or an UVA event.

After the meeting, Bp. Rifan and Fr. Santos held pontifical vespers in Holy Name Church, accompanied by the parish's lovely schola. Fr. Santos presented Bp. Rifan with a pontifical ring, made from amethyst, onyx and diamonds - which was a gift from the ten chapters that sponsored the conference: UV Berkshires, Boston, Brooklyn, Bronx, Cape Cod, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Rochester, Syracuse, and Westchester. Photo: Bp. Rifan and Fr. Santos during Pontifical Vespers


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