The Northeastern Regional Conference was sponsored by ten chapters of UVA: UV Berkshires, Boston, Brooklyn, Bronx, Cape Cod, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Rochester, Syracuse, and Westchester. These ten chapters also bought His Excellency Bp. Rifan a new pontifical ring which was presented to him by Fr. Santos at vespers on Friday.

The conference weekend was a truly a blessed experience for all who attended. The speakers gave insightful and inspiring talks, and all of the liturgies were incredibly beautiful, including the pontifical High Mass, which was celebrated from the throne with the permission of Bishop Tobin of Providence. The weekend would not have been possible without the kind permission of Father Santos of Holy Name of Jesus Church, who opened his church and school for the events. A special "thank you" is extended with much affection to Allen Maynard, host of the conference and president of UV RI and also to his wife Wendy and her crew who did a wonderful job of providing food for the attendees.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Sunday: Pontifical High Mass and Msgr. Schmitz, ICR

The Pontifical High Mass was celebrated "from the throne" with the permission of the Bishop of Providence, His Excellency Bp. Tobin. It was a beautiful Mass, with the lovely singing of the schola and exquisite vestments. Bp. Rifan's gave an edifying sermon and bestowed his apostolic blessing on those there.

Wendy Maynard presented another delicious meal to the attendees after Mass.

Msgr. Schmitz was the speaker for Sunday's program, and he presented a powerful talk on the role of tradition in the Church. He spoke of all the recent successes of the Institute of Christ the King, including a new community of contemplative nuns, the Sisters Adorers of the Royal Heart of Jesus Christ Sovereign Priest, and new "parishes" across the United States, for example in Kansas City, MO. Msgr. Schmitz spoke also of the centrality of the Mass in all things - it was greatly inspiring for all who attended.


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